The Bina School- user scenario from The Bina School on Vimeo.

Our Vision: One International Primary School, Everywhere

Bina is a first-of-its-kind international primary school online, offering world-class education without borders.

School Without Walls

Bina is a school without physical boundaries, where students meet their teachers and classmates face-to-face everyday. We are able to recruit the best teachers globally without relocating them, creating a multicultural community of educators, students and their families.

Tailored Learning

Our students learn on flexible schedules, structured to suit their own best working habits and the rhythms of their family life. Working with psychologists, we select and fine-tune methods of learning for each student. The quality of teaching is maintained and enhanced through personal observation and continuous data analysis.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We are using a proprietary technological platform to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, one which connects academic subjects and puts them in the context of day-to-day life. We combine five proven educational methods: virtual classrooms, mentoring, study groups, games and videos in a frequently updated curriculum.

Don’t Miss Them

While many careers today involve irregular working hours and work-related travel, schools remain inflexible. Bina offers families a high-quality schooling option that complements their way of life and helps them stay together.